Web Wednesday

This post is permanently hosted on my new blog here.

I was trying to rewrite my CV the other day to make it skills-based when I realised how lopsided it is.

Reporting skills? Working on it, with some exams to prove it. Writing skills? Ditto but with more degree. Design and copy editing? Three years’ print experience and a distressing knowledge of Quark shortcuts to prove it.

Web, though? Let’s see. I did a VB6 course when I was 12 and 8 years ago I learned SQL and Oracle. A bit. Well, some. Enough to run complex database queries, anyway. Oh, and I taught myself enough Applescripting, Excel and macros to create all 166,844 of the perspex plates that go on the front of postboxes from a single spreadsheet.

Multimedia? I definitely did a week of video training, which is just enough to make sure that you can point the camera in the right direction and set up a tripod without braining the person stood next to you. Everything else has been trial and error.

Not exactly bundles of experience for something I love doing, then. So let’s fix it.

In the interests of being self-starting, entrepreneurial, proactive and so on, Web Wednesdays are going to be about what I’ve done, each week, to teach myself a range of useful web and multimedia skills.

I want to learn: CSS, Flash, HTML, image manipulation in GIMP or Photoshop, audio manipulation, writing for video, shooting and editing video, halfway decent photography, Indesign, Illustrator (I have a head-start on the last two, I admit).

That’s a nice ambitious list to start with. But is there anything that shouldn’t be on it, or any glaring holes? Where do you think I should start?


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