What’s in a name?

This post is permanently hosted on my new blog here.

Well, I now own my own name. maryhamilton.co.uk redirects here, mary_hamilton is tweeting away, and this blog is in my name too.

Eventually, I’m told, if I keep posting without devolving into mindless streams of punctuation or porn spam, my Google ranking will increase. Currently my Twitter feed is on page 3 somewhere, and this blog is down in the distant mists of irrelevance.

I have to believe that most people embarking on the task of branding themselves don’t have to contend with namesakes from Celtic ballads, university faculties and an ex-MP, BBC director and Suffragette all on the front page.

Sometimes I realise that – in certain very specialised circumstances – I might have been better off if my parents had named me Philately. Or Carmelina. Or even Chlamydia.

Even then, I probably wouldn’t be more interesting than a lesbian transvestite bigamist who duped another woman into marriage in the 1800s.

Page 3? With that kind of competition, I’m lucky I’m there at all.


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