Webweds: what I did on my holidays

This post is permanently hosted on my new blog here.

I’m off work at the moment, staying with family and preparing with trepidation for a long weekend without mobile phone, internet or even laptop access. I’ve not started any big web-related projects this week,  but I have done and discovered a few interesting things.

  1. Following Adam Westbrook‘s advice on branding, I  now own my own name, and it’s consistent – as is my avatar – across most of the networks I’m in. (LinkedIn was difficult, because there are too many Mary Hamiltons in the world.)
  2. I’m now on Wired Journalists, and just starting to get acquainted with the place since its purchase by Publish2 – which I’ve also joined. You can see the first results of that in the sidebar here.
  3. I have confirmed to my own satisfaction that my current phone is not an acceptable substitute for a digital camera, because it is crap.
  4. Ditto video camera.
  5. I have, however, confirmed that I can get an iPhone in January.
  6. I’ve downloaded GIMP in anticipation.
  7. I’ve stumbled across the #followwomenjournas movement, and I am now following women journalists. In fact, I’ve stumbled across all sorts of folk, and I’m following a total of 60 more people now than I was this time last week. My blog reading and interacting has increased exponentially as a result.
  8. I am, slightly, drowning in information. At some point I’ll need a strategy for coping with this.

This week I plan to:

  1. Rewrite my blogroll. WordPress ate it.
  2. Sort out my profiles, and post. Just joining networks is not good enough – need to get active.
  3. Investigate the technology I’d need to be capable of doing my own video. (At work we’re using Windows Movie Maker. Let’s just say I’d like to have other options.)
  4. Locate a halfway decent HTML tutorial and commence staring.
  5. Download Tweetdeck and stare more.

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