Greenbelt: print power online

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Forgive me, Internet. It has been one week since my last confession.

In my defence I’ve been on holiday, seeing small children, visiting zoos, discussing at length the appropriate naming of Lego Star Wars characters with jetpacks and purple lightsabers (Mace Fett or Bobba Windu, we decided), and going to Greenbelt.

Greenbelt. Britain’s least-known and friendliest festival, where I have spent a wonderful weekend being very, very relaxed, and engaging with social media as a consumer.

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Playing with Publish2

This post is permanently hosted on my blog here.

What I ought to be doing on this blog is getting the blogroll together, but the thought of so much copying and pasting makes me feel slightly unwell.

Instead, I’ve been playing with Publish2, in the hopes of making a “what I’m reading” widget for this site and finding out whether we can potentially use social network curation on the paper.

Results will, I hope, be in the sidebar.

(Incidentally, why isn’t there a feature allowing you to integrate Google Reader and WordPress link lists?)