What’s in a name?

This post is permanently hosted on my new blog here.

Well, I now own my own name. maryhamilton.co.uk redirects here, mary_hamilton is tweeting away, and this blog is in my name too.

Eventually, I’m told, if I keep posting without devolving into mindless streams of punctuation or porn spam, my Google ranking will increase. Currently my Twitter feed is on page 3 somewhere, and this blog is down in the distant mists of irrelevance.

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This post is permanently hosted on my new blog here.

If you’re interested in personal development as a journalist, I’d really recommend taking a bit of time to read the first post in Adam Westbrook’s 6×6 series – and, I imagine, all the others too once they’re up. It’s on branding yourself online and in real life, with common sense tips.

There’s some excellent advice and some useful sources, and it’s given me a project idea – I’m going to be building my own website, learning/relearning/honing my CSS, HTML and Flash skills as I go along. Watch out for Website Wednesdays.